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Nutrition Calculator

This is a nutrition calculation based web application. In this there are 3 levels of users i.e. Super Admin, Unit Admin and Customers. The Super Admin can create Units (restaurants), Unit Administrators and Food Categories and Subcategories and Menu items along with the detailed nutritional facts information about each menu item. The unit admins can create their menu items or select from those created by the Super Admin. Different menu items can be added for the different days of the week. Once the whole set up has been done the customers can view the application on their browser by selecting a particular restaurant, select the day of the week after which they get a categorized list of menu items for that day. The customers can then select the menu items and then generate reports to view the details of the nutritional facts of the meal selected by them. If the customer selects multiple meals then the report displays nutritional facts for each meal and also the consolidate figures for all the chosen meals.

Menu Generation Application

A web based application used by customers to order for printing high resolution menus. Each customer has predefined menu templates. These are provided as presentation files which are then converted to HTML. These templates include values like item names, price, images etc. All the values are stored in the database. Once the template has been converted to HTML the customers can access these by logging in to the website. The customers can then change the values of a selected template like the item names, price, images etc on the fly. Once the changes are done the customer can add the templates to the cart for printing. The customer can also view a High Resolution PDF of the menu also. The customer can also create custom templates. This is possible through a custom developed Content Generator using which the customer can create a new menu which can be saved as a HTML or a PDF file.

Complaint Tracking System

A web based application which is used by employees to log complaints related to facilities, infrastructure, electrical faults etc. 4 levels of user roles: Super Admin, Complaint Admin, Department Admin & Employees. The employees can register a complaint by filling up a form for which a complaint number is also generated. The complaint is then made visible to the concerned complaint admin. The complaint admin on his part starts taking necessary action on the complaint. The complaint admin can update the status on a particular complaint which can be viewed by the employee. There are multiple reports which can be generated for complaint admin and department admins. Using these reports the management can see the responsiveness of the organization.