We are Technovant.

We sincerely love what we do.

We are passionate about UI/UX

About Us

 We are a young team of designers and developers inspired to create solutions and digital experiences to deliver great outcomes.

 We thrive at being challenged with complex problems because solving those make our clients really happy and us…elated

 Our intelligence is derived from an experienced and a well knitted team who closely collaborate with our clients so that they achieve their business goals. We foster innovation and creativity, to smoothly integrate technology to leverage your business. Everyone at Technovant pitches in their ideas as we believe ideas are precursors to innovations.

 We are passionate to deliver great work and approach all our projects with an open mind. We strive to develop long term relationships with our clients and it goes beyond the hours we spend on their projects. Most of our clients come back to us because we take their needs seriously by pitching in with new ideas and advice and most importantly taking ownership of the project.

Our values are at our core whether its our work or our relationship with our clients or our ties with each other.









Our Services

We design and develop customized and user friendly software, web and mobile solutions for our clients. Our highly experienced team is committed to deliver highly robust solutions for your business process.

Software Development

We offer full-stack software development services for both web and desktop applications. We have developed custom software applications for start ups as well as large scale enterprises. Our software development team works in tight collaboration with the client to understand their business needs and pain areas. Our focus is to increase efficiency in the business processes and improving interactions. We use the best project management practises and software testing techniques to ensure that the customer gets high quality service with minimal hassle. Apart from custom software development we also provide application maintenance and support services.

Web Development

A website is a showcase for your organization, hence it must look great, deliver your message effectively and create client engagement. The web is continuously evolving and hence to advance your online presence is very important.These days websites should be built in a way so that they respond and seamlessly scale to fit any device. With people accessing the internet mostly on their mobile phones so the appearance, functionality and accessibility of websites have become critical for businesses. We adhere to responsive web design approach whether it is building a website from scratch or upgrading an existing website. We also develop websites using content management systems like WordPress.This enables you to manage and edit your website content yourself.


E-commerce is a key component of our online strategy. We deliver e-commerce solutions using various platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, Open Cart etc. We can build everything from entry level sites with a handful of products to enterprise level solutions. We design your site so that it not only looks good but is also user-friendly making it easier for visitors to find and purchase products, build trust and distinguish you from your competition to help increase sales. We can also custom create functionality required for your business to make your business stand out amongst the competition.

Mobile Apps

The future of internet is mobile. Smart phones are everywhere and mobile apps have become integral to the way that people access information. The development of your app is a collaborative process and getting the right concept & design is crucial to the success of the app. Right now your app is just an idea, but our professional app developers can turn that into a reality. Our developers understand the mobile landscape and incorporate robust design and intuitive look and feel to the apps.


We interact closely with the client to bridge any communication gaps to exceed client goals & expectations.
Our team brings in the combination of innovation, technical knowledge and best practices to build solutions and services for you. Whether building a simple website to building a complex web application or developing mobile applications, we are constantly looking for ways to build better experiences. We spend a lot of time understanding your business goals and expectations. For us the completion of a project is start to a long term relationship with you.

The core to delivering a great solution is effective communication. We work closely with you to understand your short and long term needs, business objectives and processes so that you can achieve your goals.d

The user experience is a very important aspect of our work. We design our applications so that the user doesn’t see the complexity and can focus on the work to be done.
We combine the design and the functionality of the solution in a way so that your work gets done in the most effective way.
We make sure that everything is thoroughly tested and retested so that once the solution starts running, the wheels don’t creak.
Launch / Deploy
Once you are satisfied with our work we deploy the solution. And don’t worry that does not means our engagement ends. For us its start of a relationship.


We pay attention to detail and think out of the box to create innovative user experiences.

Saahas Foundation works for the empowerment of the persons with special needs and those that are categorized as underprivileged or socioeconomically marginalised.The management at Saahas has very passionate people focussed on making their initiative a success. They wanted us to create a design language for their website which is reflective of their work and philosophy.

MB Homes is a real estate development company located in Dehradun. The genesis of MB Homes was based on the needs of the people for budget housing and safety. The website developed is responsive in design and has been designed so that it showcases the company’s projects in the best possible way.

Is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and is managed by IIT alumunus. The focus is on building an academic culture amongst students and at the same time give opportunities to The leadership wanted their website to be vibrant and at the same time have standout features.

Pifi Pizza is one of the fastest growing food chain, specializing in Pizzas. The company is run by a young team of people with a passion for food. We tried to translate their passion to look it’s best in the form of their website.

VKJ Projects is a leading construction company which executes projects. The management of the company wanted a website so that they could show case their projects. Also they wanted accessibility across devices. Hence we developed a responsive design for their website. We make awesome articles for them in collaboration with Cybersport.io.